The past two weeks of my life also happen to have been the busiest two weeks of my life. In the course of this time, I have read an edited a feature length script, shot promotional pictures for a rad band, wrote about said band for an online magazine (blog…magazine), shot Save the Date photos, started an online class, and wrote this fine blog to document it all. I also moved. I’m insane.
I’m a writer for LA Music Blog now, after showing them my ridiculous fan-girl posts about the coffee shop performing queens in Pasadena and the silky smooth Glen of The Wiltern. They seemed to like my enthusiasm, and entrusted me to produce quality content on a deadline. They’re just as insane as I am. But they asked, and I gave. Here is a link to my first (of hopefully many) articles I wrote for them:

Don’t be alarmed by the subdued, straight-forward nature of the copy. It’s my attempt at normalcy. I don’t know if I succeeded. You tell me.
I will probably continue to keep posting on here, in an attempt to maintain some sort of identity on the interwebs. Maybe I’ll get back into actually posting about travel. You’ll just have to see.
Until then…


OH speaking of travel. I have to tell you about the bar I went to the other night with a group of friends. It’s called the Boneyard Bistro. And it’s amazing. The craft beers are delicious, the food is to die for (and so are the bar tenders!) and the atmosphere is far from pretentious. So if you’re looking for a hot place to go on a date, PLEASE do the right thing, and take her here. You won’t regret it.

(There…my first attempt at travel writing again. Don’t judge me…)

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