Shake up and out

Most people write because they have something to say. I write when I have nothing to say. I write to keep from going brain dead.

Sometimes when you catch yourself floating around like a nebulous spec of mindless dust, and there’s no anchor attached to your feet, and everything is happening to you, passing through you, all of the buildings make the same shapes in your head and every person on the street looks like the same tired, alone, anamorphic person, you know that is the perfect time to write. Because there is nothing to say, and no anchor holding your feet. And the words become the only real product of the nebulous world.

The words shake you up and out. They are tangible. They exist. When all else feels too unreal, too unknown, the words exist.

So what do you write about, when the world is floating and there is no anchor? Love? Life? What would you say about each? That they exist. That I exist because of them. That you exist because of them. That they are there for others to understand and for others still to be burned by them.

What else do you write about when the world is floating?

What else do you write about?

(Here is Matisse at the MOMA. For inspiration. Blue Nudes.)

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