On a bus.

I’m sneaking back to this blog to write a little about sitting on a bus heading to Boston. While my Tumblr contains some fun pictures of travels and cities and quotes about random things like urban sprawl (Pardon the Clutter), I miss waxing poetic in long, unintelligible prose, especially while sitting on a bus with plenty of time to think.
I listened to The Suburbs, Arcade Fire’s 2010 dark album, about four times on repeat while sitting on the bus heading to Boston. I only recommend doing this if you want to completely question you’re entire life as you’ve lived it up to this very moment. It’s a deceptive album; the melodies of most of the songs are so inviting, until you’re hit with a dose of true talk. How often do we play a part, pretend we’re living and doing, only to realize years after working and building a life according to milestones and social cues that it we are stuck in a facade? When do we wake up to realize that we’re stuck in the proverbial suburbs? And once we wake up, will it be too late?
I don’t believe it’s ever too late to change. As long as you’re living, you can choose to lead a million different lives. Don’t get stuck in the suburbs. Travel. Really live. Go to Boston. Be present. Don’t get stuck in the suburbs.
Anyway, Boston. See the rest of my trip on my other (less rambly) blog! (Pardon the Clutter)


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