Year 2

About two years ago, give or take a few days or weeks, I carried two suitcases and a duffle bag on a one way trip to this beautiful new life in a city known for pursuit and purpose. Two years ago I made a choice to forget everything I knew to know something different–to remove myself from any comforts and step out to the other side of my little world with no expectations other than to live with my eyes wide. To put into sussinct, blog-shaped words the story of how the person with those suitcases no longer exists would take a lifetime. And at the moment I have no time at all.

All I can say in brevity is this: I have lived here. I have been ripped to shreds here. I have gotten lost here. And I have found my way here. I have fought here. I have loved here. And I will continue to break and lose and gain and fight and love here because I am not done yet.